Here are a few impressions of my lessons from my former and current students: 

Florence G., Learning Consultant and Coach:

My previous English teacher recommended me Vicky as she could not give classes anymore. I had an hour trial and I immediately knew that she would be the perfect teacher for me. Vicky is really clever and has a strong pedagogy. I have been working with her for almost 2 years now and I am improving a lot. She helps me to prepare my English presentations and some of my workshops. Because she wants to be sure that the English will reflect perfectly my thoughts, she asks precise questions. It is very useful as it makes my presentations more clear and understandable. For the price of an English teacher I get a coach! How wonderful it is! I work a lot and I need a teacher who is very flexible and responsive, which is the case with Vicky. We work virtually and by text messages, or face to face. 
I would like to finish this text by saying that Vicky is my IDEAL teacher and she is very professional. (August 2016)

Magdalena M., Project Manager:

I enjoyed Vicky’s lessons a lot. She adapted her style to the class and always found a funny, interesting way to challenge and improve our skills. What I liked most were our lively debates about all kinds of topics. Wait, maybe the games we played were even better than the discussions... Anyway, learning means fun with Vicky. She’s such a passionate teacher and no matter what, she always stays patient, friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend her to any levels of English learners. (June 2016)

Henry Gluschke, adviqo AG, Lead Advisor Management:

I had great Business English lessons with Vicky over about 6 months. In a small group of about 5 colleagues from the company we had much fun to optimise our English in varied ways with TED talks, podcasts, games and "old school" grammar and reading. We are allowed to show our own creativity making a complete marketing presentation for a certain product like a car or perfume. Vicky realized our fields of interest and put them into the course. In that way each attendee had a great time to learn what needed for the job and at the same time interesting personally.
Great experience - I would book another 6 months with Vicky! (June 2016)

Jana Raths, adviqo AG, HR Service Partner - Office Administration:

I highly recommend the in-company English teaching services of Wiktoria Parysek/Vicky, as she individually customizes the lessons to the learners needs with specific vocabulary and expression. She creates a colorful and effective atmosphere - whether she teaches for an entire group or a single participant and whether the lessons are held on Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon. (June 2016)